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Our History and Mission


Back in 1972, the Lori Knapp Compaines started under humble beginnings as a family cause. Today still under family ownership, our company has evolved to be able to provide a suite of quality services. While we have grown, we have not forgotten our roots and "reason for being." You are invited to explore the information on this page to better know us.


This webpage is devoted to telling the story of a woman who has impacted literally thousands of lives just by being who she was. By the time you finish reading this page, you will have read about the major events that took place to form the company we now call the Lori Knapp Companies, but also the humble beginnings of a family who wanted something better for a little girl who was unable to care for herself and do the kinds of things other kids were able to.

Since 1972, the Lori Knapp Companies have provided a long list of long-term care & human services solutions. The overall mission is to provide quality of life opportunities in community settings for people who need specialized long-term supports. This mission is accomplished through well-trained, competent, and caring people, as well as partnerships with government and other public and private agencies.

The original pioneers of our company were members of the Donald F. Knapp family, which included Don Sr., Bette, Lori Jane, and Don Jr. It was the love, hard work, dedication, and persistence of these people that paved the way for a new kind of service within the borders of the state of Wisconsin...something never attempted before.

1959 - 1972


Lori Jane Knapp was born on August 15, Lori Jane Knapp, as a young girl1959 to Don and Bette Knapp in the small town of Prairie du Chien, WI. Due to complications at birth, Lori Jane enter the world with cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities. Despite these shortcomings, Don and Bette loved their daughter as they did any of their other children. Lori was indeed family to everyone in the Knapp family.

During the era of Lori's birth, families with children with a disability had few choices in terms of services, living arrangements, & even education. It was very common for persons in the medical community to recommend that children with handicaps reside in some kind of institution to have their cares provided for. Following suit, Don Sr. and Bette decided that it would be best for her to live at a state institution because there was no other available option. Starting at a young age, Lori Jane entered Central Wisconsin Colony. At the time, Lori was one of hundreds of children being served in her ward at Central Colony.

To keep the family connected, Don Sr. and Bette drove to Madison, WI to visit Lori every other weekend. They would stay in a motel with her, because they wanted to be a family. Eventually it became obvious to Don Sr. and Bette that Lori was failing to thrive. They wanted something better for their daughter. Groundbreaking the first "Lori Knapp Home"


During Lori's younger years, many parents and forward-looking professionals envisioned a world where people with disabilities were offered comprehensive education and a variety of choices for community services and living arrangements. The desire to see something better for Lori became the grass roots mindset that birthed the beginning of the Lori Knapp Companies.

Don Sr. and Bette began working with people from the state of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin ARC, as well as people from Central Wisconsin Colony to formulate a brand new kind of community living option for Lori. The end result of this work was a new "model" for providing services for children with disabilities, like Lori. In retrospect, this groundbreaking model was often described using phrases like "homelike", "family-like", and "individualized care and attention".



During the Summer of 1972, work started on the development and construction of what was then called the "Lori Knapp Home", in Prairie du Chien. On November 1, 1972, a 13-year-old Lori was able to move back into her home community. But it didn't stop there. Additionally, Don Sr. and Bette were successful in having seven other children from state institutions join their daughter Lori in their "own home."

The Lori Knapp Home strived to provide a place all eight children could call their home...a place to grow, excel, and be a part of their community. This new community-based home was an overall success. From a bird's-eye view, the Lori Knapp Home started our company on the path of learning and growing as well. Sure, there were challenges, and we didn't know all of the answers. But, It took the effort of everyone to make the Lori Knapp Home successfulworking as a family, the combined effort, diligence, and love is really what aided caregiving success in 1972.


Because of the success of this new venture, the "Lori Knapp Home" gained national attention. Folks from all over the United States visited The Lori Knapp Home. They were interested in learning about this new idea of serving children and adults with disabilities in the community. For Don Sr., it became his cause to help others understand how these children would thrive in a "family home" environment. He went out of his way to meet and talk with people about how they could change people's lives by doing things that not a lot of other people considered possible.



Thinking toward the future, Don and Bette thought it best not to stop at just one Lori Knapp Home. Eventually, Lori and the other children would become adults and their needs would change. In 1973, the "Meadow Lane Group Home" was designed to serve eight adults in the local Prairie du Chien, WI area.

A lawsuit was brought against Don Sr. and Bette by citizens who lived near the Meadow Lane home putting at risk the future of the home. This lawsuit progressed through Circuit Court to the Wisconsin Supreme Court where a favorable verdict was granted in favor of Meadow Lane. This court case set precendent law to allow people with disabilities to live in their own communities. Despite the effort and cost of this lawsuit, Don and Bette never gave up on the eight precious individuals who lived in the new Meadow Lane home. Those people were, in essence, family.

On a positive note, since the events of 1973 the relationship between the folks living at Meadow Lane and their neighbors has been on good terms.

1980 - 2000


The Lori Knapp Companies continued to provide for the care needs of many more adults with disabilities in the Prairie du Chien, WI area. Whether from state institutions, local nursing homes, or home settings, folks with disabilities were offered the chance to live in the community through the efforts of the Knapp family.

During this time, Donald B. Knapp Jr., the son of Don Sr. and Bette, took on the role of CEO. In turn, the Lori Knapp Companies began expanding inside and outside of the Prairie du Chien area, serving many more adults and children.

In 1980, services expanded in Crawford county: Adult Family Homes (AFHs), Community-Based Residential Facilities (CBRFs), Supported Apartments, the Community Support Program (CSP), Supportive Home Cares (SHC) Program, and a Personal Cares (PC) program.

In 1995, services expanded into Richland county: Adult Family Homes (AFHs), Community Support Program (CSP), Supportive Home Cares (SHC) Program, Leased Employee program, and a Personal Cares (PC) program.

In the late 1990's, services expanded into Ashland county: Supportive Home Cares (SHCs) Program, a Leased Employee program, and a Personal Cares (PCs) program.

In the early 2000's, services expanded into Fond du Lac county: Adult Family Homes (AFHs) and Supportive Home Cares (SHCs).

In the early 2000's, services also expanded into the La Crosse county: Adult Family Homes (AFHs), a Community-Based Residential Facility (CBRF), a Child Treatment Foster Care program, and Supportive Home Cares (SHCs).

Our Pioneer... Now and Forever More

Since 1972, the ability for the Lori Knapp Companies’ to change lives started with the birth of our co-founder, Lori Jane Knapp. Those in the company were deeply saddened that the world was forever changed when Lori passed away in her apartment in her home community of Prairie du Chien last year.

Despite her death, the Lori Knapp Companies are more determined than ever to continue the traditions, quality services, and mission unique programs that have grown and developed over the last 40 years. Lori has, in fact, often been described by many individuals across the state and the world as a kind of “pioneer”, who helped change the world simply by who she was.Not many company founders can tout this fact.

Our Mission

In 1972, Don and Bette Knapp developed a cause. This cause started with only a handful of people, but the overall goal was founded: make a difference in the lives of people.

To this day, no matter what we do, employees of the Lori Knapp Companies are required and encouraged to strive to work together for a common goal. No matter if the job is to provide cares, fix things, or supervise people, each person's role is important for a lot of different reasons.

Each employee of our company is encouraged & reminded to realize "why they are doing what they are doing". We are not much of a company unless we all take part in doing so.

Our Core Values

The "Based" Philosophies
  • Be "Community-based" with our behavior and thoughts
  • Be "Team-based" to support one another to progress forward
  • Be "Communication-based" so we can work together longer
  • Be "Choice-based" to help ensure individual direction and quality of life for the people we work FOR
  • Be "Honesty-based" to affirm and attest that we are doing what is right, and to own up to the problems we are responsible for
Run from the Heart
  • We treat the people we serve as people, not a commodity or a burden
  • Despite any disability, we treat all people as individuals
  • We believe in taking the time to hear other people out, as opposed to always thinking that we know all of the answers
  • We started as a group of people lead by our hearts & compassionate minds, and until our end we will be this way
Working Together
  • We believe that difficulty is inevitable, thus working together to solve problems are part of life
  • We believe that without the spirit of cooperation and flexibility, we cannot arrive at a helpful solution

If people were to remember only one thought about us, it would be that we've all proven through our actions that we really care and can make a difference.

Why we are Here

Despite the growth we've had over the last 40 years...

  • We've stayed the course to our goal of helping people live in their local communities.
  • We continue to care about people. Our cause is still very much alive. It's what we do and what we believe in.
  • We continue to operate successful residential programs in many areas of the state of Wisconsin. We continue to work hard toward the goal of allowing the choice for persons who are elderly and persons with disabilities to be members in their local communities. Ultimately, each of us seeks (at varying levels) to lead productive lives and to be able to make choices.

The future of the Lori Knapp Companies lies before us. Our business is about helping people live meaningful lives.

Meet Our Key Contacts

The individuals below are able to guide you with the services we offer.

Lisa Guski

Lisa Guski

Director of ILS Services
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Kim Errthum

Director of Residential Services
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Damon Frei

Corporate Program Director / Clients Rights Specialist
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Tami Wedgeworth

Chief Operations Officer
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Jane Bushnell

Corporate Contact
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Darci Knapp

Fiscal Agent Manager