Affordable Care Act Information

Learn about this legislation designed to bring healthcare to more people across our great country.

Affordable Care Act

The federal Affordable Care Act (herein branded "ACA") is new legislation that not only affects many of the Lori Knapp Companies, but many other businesses and employees across our nation. Not sure of what to expect, or what the ACA is all about? We can help! This web page provides you with current Internet resources, a cool explanation video, as well as any updates that we feel important to share with our current Team Employees. Please explore the following web pages, as well as view the video below:

Team Employees of Lori Knapp Companies

Because this web page is open to the public, please be aware that any sensitive or company-only notices will be made available via your payroll advice of deposit envelopes. All Team Employees are encouraged to always look at the contents of these envelopes to not miss out on important information. Contact your local Lori Knapp Companies office with your questions.

The Lori Knapp Companies are an equal opportunity employer, and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability.