Fiscal Agent FAQs

This page contains a listing of Frequently Asked Questions on Fiscal Agent.

What is an email address I can send questions, timesheet, and etc… to?

Please email us at

What number can I fax documents to?

844-6FISCAL or 844-634-7225

When do I need to have my timesheet in by?

Timesheets need to be in our Prairie du Chien office per the Payroll Schedule that is found on the Forms page under the Payroll Forms heading.

Can I enter my time online?

Times can be entered online on our Web Entry website. The Employee and the Employer/Member will need separate email address to enter and approve shift worked online. Please contact us at 844-534-7225 for more information.

How do I get more timesheets?

For more timesheets you can go to the Forms page under the Payroll Forms heading and find the Time Report (Timesheet) and print off copies or you can call our office at 844-534-7225 to have more timesheets mailed to you.

How do I get more hours to work for my member?

Discuss the hours needed with your Employer/Member and then your Employer/Member will need to speak with their MCOs Care Manager to see if the increase in hours can/will be approved.

How do I get a wage increase?

Discuss the wage increase with your Employer/Member and then your Employer/Member will need to have the increase approved by their MCOs Care Manager before it can be put into effect.

What do I do if I need to report a work comp claim?

Contact our FEA Work Comp Department at 844-534-7225 ext. 218

If I am related to the member what does that mean for me?

For information on this question please contact our FEA Accountant at 844-534-7225 ext. 217

What taxes are I exempt from?

For information on this question please contact our FEA Accountant at 844-534-7225 ext. 217

Can I file for unemployment?

For information on this question please contact our FEA Accountant at 844-534-7225 ext. 217

What happens if the Employer/Member and Employee live in the same household?

If you live with your Employer/Member you are exempt from receiving overtime per the states Home Care rule.

How do I fill out my timesheet/mileage log?

How do I fill out my timesheet/mileage log?
There is a sample timesheet and mileage log on the Forms page under Payroll Forms. When filling out your timesheet or mileage log please remember the following information:
● Write clearly and in dark blue or black ink only
● Have the Member and Employee sign off on the timesheet after all days of service have been worked for that pay period and date the signatures for the same date as the signature
● Don’t write over numbers already written on the timesheet. If you make an error place a line through it and write clearly next to it or on a new line
● Enter only one shift per line
● Put total number of hours worked on each individual timesheet
● When working past midnight, start a new line for the new work day
● Use correct service codes. Please call your Payroll Specialist with any questions on what your services codes are.
● Timesheets do not need to have descriptions of types of work being completed
● Use only the most up to date/current timesheet
● Complete all sections of the timesheet without using arrows or ditto marks
● Stay within your authorized hours, miles, or services

What number can I contact my funding source at?

●Care WI – 1-800-963-0035 or click here for Website
●Inclusa – 1-877-622-6700
● Lakeland Care – 1-877-227-3335
●My Choice - click here for Website

Why didn’t I get paid?

You may have not been paid due to a few different reasons:
●Your timesheet was not received in the Prairie du Chien office
● Your timesheets was not received on time per the Payroll Schedule and was late therefore your timesheet will be processed on the next payroll
● Your Member or yourself have been terminated from SDS in our system
● Your Member was on hold for a specific reason such as a hospital stay, nursing home stay, vacation, etc…
Please contact your Payroll Specialist to receive more information on why you were not paid.

How do I get a wage verification completed?

● Fax form to 844-634-7225
● Email the form to
● For more information on this question please contact our FEA Wage Verification Department at 844-534-7225 ext. 278

When will I receive my W2?

W2's for the 2019 tax year will be mailed out by 1/31/2019 per the requirement of the Internal Revenue Service. If you believe your mailing address is incorrect please contact our office for a change of address form.

Do I received health insurance?

Lori Knapp Richland Inc. is a Fiscal Agent that only processes the payroll for the Employee(s) hired by the Employer of record. Fiscal Agents do not hire employees, set schedules, wages, provide insurance or are the employer of record.

Who is my Employer?

Your Employer of record is the person/Member you are caring for.

What is a work week?

A work week is the same as a calendar week. The work week runs Sunday to Saturday.

What does reciprocity mean?

Please click here for a full answer

What is the difference between FEA and Co-Employment?

Please see page 35 in the SDS Best Practice Manual - Please click here for Manual

What is the MCO process?

Please click here to see page 9 of the SDS Best Practice Manual.

Can the Funding Source or FEA complete a CNA renewal?

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) need a certain number of supervised hours in order
to fulfill requirements for re-certification. The person providing the supervision signs off
on the Nurse Aide Registry Renewal form.

Unfortunately, SDS employment does not meet the qualifications for this renewal for 2
1. The Funding Source or the FEA for the member is not a direct health care employer under the Wisconsin Nurse Aide
Program. The Funding Source provides authorizations, referrals, and funding for services but
does not provide direct patient care. The FEA provides payroll services only and does not provide direct patient care. Examples of a direct health care employer
would be nursing homes, hospitals, Personal Care and home health care agencies.

2. The Funding Source has Registered Nurses (RN) on staff but they do NOT provide direct
supervision of the SDS employees. They provide assessments, education, and
service coordination, and they monitor the care that members are receiving; this is
not the same as providing direct supervision.

The Funding Source recognizes the value of CNA training and certification. In order to maintain
certification, it is recommended that the individual maintain at least minimal employment
with a direct health care employer (see #1) so they can meet the supervision requirements
for renewal.