We have been providing a large array of services to folks with disabilities and who are elderly since 1972.

An Overview of All Our Services


The Lori Knapp Companies takes great pleasure in providing many services to individuals, agencies, and government organizations all over the great state of Wisconsin. With this in mind, we invite you to use this webpage as a compass to direct you to the services that you desire. Our philosophy includes offering choice with aspects of daily living in a community intergrated setting. our customers are people with individual needs requring specific services. To that end, we work very hard to provide quality services for them.

All Lori Knapp companies services fall under three distinct categories. Each has its own unique purpose and intent. Please use the section below to determine the services that you will be interested in learning more about.

  • Assisted Living Options: Persons who need services, but do not own or rent their own home. Examples include...
    • Adult Family Homes
    • Child Treatment Foster Care
    • Community Based Residential Faclilites
    • Memory Care
  • Independent Living Supports: Persons who need services and do own or rent their own home. Examples include...
    • Self-Directed Care
    • Fiscal Employer Agent & Co-Employment Services
    • Supportive Home Care (SHC) & Personal Care Services (PCs)
    • Various Community Services
  • Professional Services: Agencies and businesses who are in the market for consulation-type services.
    • Medical Assistance Personal Cares Oversight
    • Employee Leasing Programs
    • Professional Consultation
    • Professional Home Design & Building Services
    • Regulatory Compliance

Assisted Living Options Independent Living Supports Professional Services