We have been providing a large array of services to folks with disabilities and who are elderly since 1972.


Co-Employment services are opening doors to options that have never been available before. The Lori Knapp Companies work with individuals as well as government organizations, including Managed Care Organizations (MCO's) and IRIS, to develop custom solutions for each person's unique needs. A person would choose Co-Employment services if their goal is to live as independently as they can in their own home. The alternative to living independently in one's own home would be something called Assisted Living. Understanding the "mechanics" of the different options that are available to a person can be pretty daunting at first. When considering Co-Employment and Fiscal Employer Agent services, you need to be aware of the differences and similarities between these services. Although both are considered "Self-Directed Supports", there are differences in the level of choice and control that you will have over your cares. Below is more information on the Co-Employment service, see our other services, such as Fiscal Employer Agent for other options.

Sometimes referred to as 'employee leasing', Co-Employment Services is a nice balance of control and freedom from business requirements that allows you to have input into their long-term care services, have direction with their cares, and partner with the Lori Knapp Companies to employ needed caregivers. Co-Employment is a great option if you do not want the "full" responsibilities of being an employer of your caregivers, yet still want to have some control over your cares and who your caregivers are. You are able to have a say-so with your desired caregivers. The Lori Knapp Companies off-loads some of the work of managing and administering employees from you. This is accomplished because the Lori Knapp Companies becomes the "Employer of Record." Although Co-Employment slightly differs from the Fiscal Employer Agent option, Co-Employment still allows you to have input into your long-term care services, have direction with your cares, and partner with the Lori Knapp Companies on many employer and employee-related topics.

INDIVIDUALS Interested In Co-Employment Services

Some individuals are inclined to not live in a group living setting, like an Adult Family Home (AFH), or a Community-Based Residential Facility (CBRF), yet do not want to have the complete control afforded to you by the Fiscal Employer Agent option. If this is you, you may want to consider the world of Co-Employment services. Co-Employment can be particularly advantageous for those who have a minimal number of service hours or do not want the full responsibility of being an employer.


Working with the Lori Knapp Companies to hire the kind of caregivers that you want/need. Finding the right people to provide the kind of care that you want is very important. We realize this. The Lori Knapp Companies will work hard with you to find the kind of caregivers that YOU want. In the end, you will be provided with pre-screened, quality, trained, and competent people who will do their best to respect your caregiving needs. Unlike the Fiscal Employer Agent option, you do not have to worry about the management of your caregivers, as they are supervised employees of the Lori Knapp Companies.

Cares done… Your way. Part of the problem with having a traditional service provider for your cares is that the specific people who are in your world are there not by your choice. With the Co-Employment option, you will have say-so about who provides your cares. If, together, we hire someone who just isn't "making the grade", we will work together to do our best to replace that person. While the Fiscal Employer Agent option provides a higher degree of choice making about your caregivers, efforts can be made with Co-Employment, upon your request, to respect your choice regarding the caregivers who work with you.

Cares… done to your liking. In America, we enjoy the freedoms of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. We truly live in this country on the planet. With the Co-Employment option, caregiving is styled around your individual needs and wants.


Sound good? While Co-Employment provides a level of control for you and your cares, there is also a level of responsibility involved. Because we work together with you, the burden of completing certain necessary tasks are alleviated. Choosing the Lori Knapp Companies for Co-Employment will provide many key clerical and payroll services to make those employer responsibilities more manageable. In order to help you, the Lori Knapp Companies, as a Fiscal Agent, can do any of the following that meet your budget and your needs:

Getting Set Up. Becoming a "co-employer" involves many different tasks to be completed in order to be in compliance with the government. Working with the Lori Knapp Companies, we will work hard so you will not have too. Among the things that we will accomplish include:

Arrange and obtain Worker’s Compensation Insurance for your caregivers.

Determine UC tax responsibility and file applications with DWD for a UC account number.

Required Employee Paperwork. Many government agencies require specific paperwork to be filled out by any and all employees. This is not a daunting task for the Lori Knapp Companies, which is been in business since 1972. Anything from I-9's and W-4's to state of Wisconsin forms, we've got all bases covered.

Paying Your Employees. This fairly involved task does not need to be a source of worry for you. Payroll procedures as well as following state and federal lawscan be pretty involved process, unless you have been in business for many years yourself. The Lori Knapp Companies is fully capable of doing the following for you:

Receive, review, and process your employee's timesheets.

Issue paychecks with the necessary pay stubs indicating earnings and withholding. We offer direct deposit for the convenience of your employees.

Withhold and deposit the necessary federal and state employment taxes (income, FICA, FUTA, SUTA) and file required federal and state quarterly and annual reports. We assure all aspects of federal and state compliance, so you don’t have to.

Ongoing Tasks. Along your journey with Co-Employment, various employer-type tasks may need to be completed. Like many of the bullet points above, the Lori Knapp Companies can take the burden of completing these tasks off your shoulders. The list of tasks that we can accomplish for you can include:

Complete general unemployment paperwork on your behalf.

Respond for wage and employment verifications on your behalf.

Process vendor payments, if needed.

Year-End Tasks. We prepare and distribute W-2 forms for each of your employees. We take care of all year-end tasks for you and make sure your caregivers have everything they need for their taxes.

Got Questions or Concerns? You are in good hands with the Lori Knapp Companies. We offer an 800 number for any questions you or your caregivers may have.

AGENCIES Interested In Co-Employment Services

As a leader in the human services field in Wisconsin since 1972, the Lori Knapp Companies is capable of providing cost-effective quality Co-Employment services for you. We would love the opportunity to discuss your questions and address your concerns surrounding Co-Employment.

Years of Experience in the field of Caregiving. Since November, 1972, the Lori Knapp Companies have been providing a family of quality long-term care services. The past 43 years have taught us so much about what it takes to be a success in the field. While mistakes have certainly happened in our past, our strategy has always been to address problems immediately so that they will not happen again. Our mission and philosophy has always been our guiding force. We are confident in our ability to do a good job at a reasonable price, including the area of Co-Employment. We would be more than happy to share more information about who we are and what we do. Contact us any time!

An Established Leader in the field of Caregiving. Our company was started under humble circumstances, but has blossomed into an organization that serves hundreds of people. Donald (Sr.) and Bette Knapp started the first community-based residence in Wisconsin for their daughter, Lori. This grassroots effort was started with a lot of hard, honest work all with the mindset of helping to positively change the lives of persons who (for the most part) could not help themselves. Even until this day, we continue to wave that same banner. People are at the heart of what we do.

Competent, Understanding and Personable Contacts. It is our goal to provide quality services to all of our customers. As a mainstay, we consider the formation and maintenance of the relationships with our customers to be of paramount importance. As such, all of our staff within our Co-Employment department are trained and experienced persons whose goal is to support you as best they can.


Co-Employment provides many different options for individuals who choose to have some control over the direction of their own care. Unlike the Fiscal Employer Agent option, the person receiving services chooses caregivers who are formally employed by the Lori Knapp Companies. Ultimately, our goal is still to work hard to allow choice and control for the person receiving caregiving services, even though in reality Co- Employment is a shared responsibility and liability. Our mission is centered around giving our customers the most reasonable and quality services that we are able to provide. We definitely aim to please.

Additionally, the Lori Knapp Companies can provide other "business-related tasks" including clerical and accounting services. Looking at the business-y side of Co-Employment, our job is to make our customer's "employer responsibilities" more manageable. We can accomplish this through:

Providing quality, trained caregivers

Processing Employee and Member/Employer Paperwork

Processing all required Background Checks

Arranging for Worker's Compensation Insurance

Monitoring Budgets and Authorized Hours with our Robust Reporting Software

Determining Unemployment (UI) Tax Responsibility and Process Applicable UI Paperwork

Processing any requested Vendor Payments

Following-Through with Other Employer-Related Functions, As Requested

Providing a Toll-Free Number for ANY Questions: 888–346–3398

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