Medical Assistance Personal Cares Oversight

Use our expertise in providing Personal Care Services in your agency.

Medical Assistance Personal Cares Oversight

This option is excellent for companies who wish to provide Personal Care Services, but are only capable of providing Supportive Home Cares. Medical Assistance Personal Care (MAPC) Oversight through the Lori Knapp Companies will allow your company to bill for Personal Care Services through the government without the need to become certified though the Wisconsin DQA.

Personal Cares (PCs) represent the ability to provide a valuable and billable resource. For companies struggling in these hard economic times, providing Personal Care services helps diversify their company by being able to provide more options for their customers. The Lori Knapp Companies is a Certified Personal Care Agency in Wisconsin. This means that we are able to bill for Personal Care services directly to Medicaid for any eligible persons. Working with the Lori Knapp Companies, with Medical Assistance Personal Care Oversight, you will find:

  • The Application Process for Providing Personal Care Services can be Less Time-Consuming than Going Through Formal PC Agency Certification
  • Billing for Personal Care Services is Fast and Efficient
  • We will Assist in Ensuring that Your Policies, Procedures, and Forms Meet Medicaid Standards
  • Individualized Attention & Support from Our Experienced Personal Care Supervisor

As a Certified Personal Care Agency, the Lori Knapp Companies help agencies that are not Medicaid certified, but wish to be able to bill Medicaid for Personal Care services. Our Personal Care Supervisor will guide your company through the process to review all forms, policies and procedures in order to make sure that each agency has what is required. Additionally, training is provided on a wide variety of topics, such as:

  • The MAPC Billing Process
  • Personal Care Registered Nurse Job Duties
  • Prior Authorization Request Form (PARF) Requirements
  • Assessment Requirements
  • Recertification Requirements

Compliance with government rules and regulations can be problematic. The Lori Knapp Companies exist to help ease the confusion that can be associated with audit-related criteria.

Education Services

We will train you on...

  • Medicaid: We will work with you to help you understand and comply with needed Medicaid rules and regulations.
  • Codes: We will go over DHS 105 and 107 so each agency is aware of the rules and regulations that they will need to adhere to.
  • Tip to Tail: We will go over the full process from the assessment of the Consumer who is eligible for personal cares TO billing those cares to Forward Health.

We will educate you on the helpful websites, such as the Forward Health Portal where there is an on-line handbook for personal care providers, an ICD9 code website, a National Provider Identification (NPI) website to look up physician's NPI's, and many other helpful websites that are out there to aid the agency. Good candidates for this type of service are agencies who are not a Medicaid-certified Personal Care Agency, are not able to bill services through Medicaid, or agencies working with Family Care who are unable to bill Personal Cares.