Professional Home Design and Building

We have developed over 16 homes in Wisconsin, all meeting ADA standards.

Professional Home Design and Building

Do you need to develop an Adult Family Home (AFH) or a Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) that meets ADA standards for the people that you serve? The Lori Knapp Companies have developed unique community-based homes that serve up to 12 people. We offer assistance with everything from pre-planning to state licensing after the build.

Organizations that want to provide unique housing for individuals with physical or developmental needs can now access our many years of experience developing AFHs and CBRFs, and other types of Assisted Living options specific to the needs of the Consumer. To provide Consumers with the best possible living environment, we have teamed up with a notable home developer to design and construct homes specific to the needs of people with disabilities. All homes are handicapped accessible, meet ADA, state and local codes, have a minimum of four bedrooms and office/staff bedroom and two large baths (one with a roll-in shower). Separate bedrooms provide privacy and individual space for each Consumer.

Lori Knapp Companies can review your design and construction plans, or you can choose to have us put together a turn-key package, including licensing materials, forms, AFH training or CBRF training and Personal Care training to make your new house a state of the art AFH or CBRF. References from satisfied organizations are available on request.

Who are Good Candidates for this Service

Any agency or organization who are in the market to have a licensed and operating Adult Family Home and need to have some level of quality assistance in doing so. This includes everything from reviewing existing plans all the way through having a turn-key package developed based on your needs and requirements.