Regulatory Compliance

We feel we have what it takes to provide quality assistance to your agency.

Regulatory Compliance

Being a certified Personal Care Agency with the Wisconsin Division of Quality Assurance (DQA), the Lori Knapp Companies have experienced much regulatory history through state compliance reviews. This extensive history has provided the Lori Knapp Companies with the experience to guide other agencies through the regulatory process for protocols in quality assurance with policies and procedures.

If your company has ever been issued a Plan of Corrections during a Wisconsin state survey, we can assist you. We provide follow-up monitoring to help assure that a Plan of Corrections meets state standards. If you have received a Statement of Deficiency, we can assist with implementing protocols to ensure that the regulatory issues have been resolved. We offer rapid response at reasonable rates.

So how do we start the ball rolling? We do this by way of a no-cost, no-obligation telephone assessment. That's right, this initial contact is done free of charge to you. Our goal with this phone call will be to work with you to pinpoint your current needs and see if the Lori Knapp Companies is a good fit to help your agency. It all starts with a phone call or a message to our office. We develop, implement, and monitor plans of corrections with rapid response at reasonable rates. We offer assistance to prevent regulatory problems and help you prepare for state reviews. If you would like to prevent regulatory problems, we can help you prepare for state surveys and other special investigations or assist you in assuring that your program is in regulatory compliance.

Why We Feel that We Can Help You

The Lori Knapp Companies are listed with the State of Wisconsin's BQA Regulatory Compliance Resource List to provide consultation services to agencies that receive Statements of Deficiencies from surveys performed by the Division of Quality Assurance. Our years of experience have helped us learn a lot. The Lori Knapp Companies were founded in 1972 in the city of Prairie du Chien, WI, so that Lori Jane Knapp could move from an institution back to her own hometown. There, the first modern day group home (in the State of Wisconsin) was built to serve Lori and seven other children who needed long term care, in a residential setting. Since then, we have 43 years in regulatory compliance... which means that we are continually adapting to changes, becoming better acquainted with the rules, and living by the rules.

The Lori Knapp Companies currently serve multiple populations providing quality solutions for their long term care needs at thirty residences in good standing with the Wisconsin Department of Quality Assurance (DQA), as well as in many in-home and community settings. We are a MAPC-Certified Billing Agency. We have extensive history with compliance reviews. We offer assistance with behavior management issues. We have extensive experience implementing protocols in Quality Assurance with policy & procedures.