Team Employee Online Training Library

Each training on this page has at least one supporting document available at each branch office via the Resources for Training Excel spreadsheet. Questions and concerns should be directed to Caitlin Phillips: phone 608-326-5536x227, email

All Team Employees in All Locations
Caregiver Misconduct
Childrens Treatment Foster Home
Client Rights
Dementia - Teepa Snow Trainings
Diagnosis Specific
Extended Care Pro (ECP)
Human Resources
Medically Orientated Task (MOT) - Farrell Bag
Medically Orientated Task (MOT): Diastat Administration
Medically Oriented Task (MOT's) - Positioning
Medically Oriented Tasks (MOTs): Compression Stocking Application
Medically Oriented Tasks (MOTs): Lymphedema Therapy
Medically Oriented Tasks (MOTs): Medications (From Bethesda)
Medically Oriented Tasks (MOTs): Range of Motion from WTCS
Medically Oriented Tasks (MOTs): Tracheotomy Care
Personal Cares: Basic Personal Cares from Bethesda
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